This article is more a note to myself :)

Here's how to install solr:

    1. Make sure you have Java (java -ver), install ppa, python, everything.
    2. download the correct version (ie. solr-6.3.0.tar.gz using wget)
    3. instead of tar xf all, only tar the installation and run the script (tar xzf solr-5.2.1.tgz solr-5.2.1/bin/ --strip-components=2, sudo bash ./ solr-5.2.1.tgz)
  2. Copy conf from /opt/solr/server/solr/configsets/basic_config/conf to /var/data/new_core -> you need to make the new core folder first.
  3. Easy way is then go to localhost:8983/solr/# etc and add core there - or using command line (also in the link up top)


Now still need to get reindex with mongo and sunspot functioning... 

Using bash for windows is excellent!

It is basically just bash - how to install here : - and it feels amazing!

I can sudo apt-get everything I want - unlike Cygwin, where you can only install things that are ported to Cygwin. This statement could be wrong, but I did tried Cygwin for a bit because it supposedly has a better X Server - but I cant get it running with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). I'm using Xming right now. And using ConEmu as a better alternative to "Dos-like" bash. I do have Oh-My-Zsh installed as well - easy using Curl/apt-get in the bash. Really cool.

Still in the process of installing Solr - but Mongoid and MySQL runs and can be configured normally. Very fun!

More info later this week :)




Ich habe die Website von der Firma neu gemacht. Immer noch Joomla, aber statt die normale multipage, es ist mehr ein "OnePage"-Design. Nicht ganz, da es totzdem gemixt mit Multi-page Konzept. 


  • Turbolinks
  • Bootstrap
  • Joomla
  • Slideshow
  • Scroll-reveal
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Extensive Javascripting
  • Forms (RS Form)


I'm updating my website again! Yay!!

Still wondering if i should do german and english, or just keep it mixed. 

Ach das Design ist jetzt nochmal geändert. Ich weiss, das alte Design noch nicht mal "fertig" und schon wieder was neues. Naja, ein Designer darf ja seine Vision ständig ändern. Das nennt man Agile.



Splash Screen  Admin Backend

Login Image made in 3D, CSS Styles and everything on customer area is made by me using SASS and CoffeScript on a Ruby on Rails Platform.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Blender 3D for Splash Screen
  • High Charts
  • CSS3 Animations
  • SASS
  • CoffeScript
  • Git

Yay for a simpler clutter free website! :)

Using AJAX for loading content, but still crawlable from google now! 

Might still need to add more animation for interest points, and i still havent do for a mobile version :(

But yay for progress! :)

Blog update!

Splash Screen  Intranet Registered Area 

Role: Programmer/Coder, Designer


  • Conceptions / Design
  • CSS3 Animations, 3D-Effects
  • Coding in Ruby on Rails, CoffeScript and SASS
  • MySQL for Forum and Mongoid for everything else
  • Bild für Login-Seite gemacht / Custom Picture for Login Page
  • Shop-System
  • Forum
  • Calendar
  • Mailing-System
  • Event-Registration

Ein Backend-Member-only Interface für Hotelier in der Kooperation, wo Sie in Forum diskutieren können. Dazu gibt es ein Artikel-Shop, Terminkalender, Seminaranmeldung, E-Mail Vertailer, Bilder per Benutzer Datenbank. Ein Tool für die Marketingzentrale, um die Hotelier über Marketing-News und Channels zu informieren.

Firma: TMA GmbH

akzent home akzent search akzent search

Made using Ruby On Rails and Mongoid instead of SQL. I was the sole programmer and designer on this project - which means I was working alone ;p


  • HAML
  • CoffeScript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SASS
  • AJAX-loading content
  • Search Engine using SOLR
  • Geolocation Search using Google Maps API
  • Custom Google Maps (Masked using SVG, points)
  • A ton of forms and admin backend to upload pictures and content
  • OG, Social Media, on every page with different content based on current hotel
  • DIRS21 API for online booking, and API connection to get content from their server



gg banner


gg poster gg ticket

Tools: Photoshop, Blender

Created this poster for Gaung Garuda, a rock and roll indonesian festival in Hannover. 

Since we have no real photo of an upcoming event, I just talked with the creator Aci Siddharta and Aryani Willems over a weekend about ideas and such. At the end I wanted to do more with 3D since I havent done that since forever. All created in 3D with some throwback to the previous event (the guitar player with the guitar head) and Texts over in photoshop.

Really fun creating and adding the kites and balloons in the background to liven up the poster. The Idea is a fair, almost like an amusement park.