While I studied Architecture at the Leibniz University of Hannover, I quickly found the vibrant college life and got more interest in art and designs. In just a flash I suddenly found myself enrolled in University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hannover for Multimedia Design that offered me three possible focus: Animation, Web and Films.

I did started with a goal to have more to do with animation because I have experiences in the field, as well in the field of programming. Intrigued by challenge, I ventured to the cool and hip scene of filmmaking. By the end of my last semester, I directed and produced a music video for my bachelor thesis.

The music video for “Miss Print” starred Arina Tara, in which I worked with at the time my spiritual mentor, Aryani Kriegenburg-Willems was the bachelor thesis video. The music video was not a sudden turn, but instead a vetted interest during the student days, in which me and my colleagues (Arne Breusing and Celina Cameron) made a music video for “HornyShakerz”, “We like it dirty”.

 I did direct a scene of drama in one of my assignment and I loved it – the time seems to fly in a film set, and the work and fun and the company of the team distract you from being tired at all. This led me to an internship in a film production company, Jumping Horse Picture. Sadly I am a little bit disillusioned by the film industry and ultimately decided to keep film making as a hobby.

Currently at work I’m programming web applications with Ruby on Rails for high-profile customers and some intensive Joomla and WordPress templating for our simpler but still complex customer. Lately I am starting to warm up to page builders, just for the reality that customers can manage their own content more easily.

In my spare time I still do organic 3D-Animations and Architecture Visualization, in which I use the free open-source Blender 3D and sometime ArchiCAD.

And, if the stars aligned and I could collect a team, I usually made a short film to satisfy my passion for filmmaking.

In the meantime I am becoming a more experienced programmer/coder with Ruby on Rails, PHP and recently experimenting with Sinatra. Of course, I am too, like many other web developer, a fan of Haml and SASS.

Visit my blog for current ramblings and epiphanies in my life, as well as my still growing portfolio.


  • Updated in 3rd of September 2017
  • Created 30th of August 2015