Using ATOM

16. August 2016

Let’s try ATOM.

Let’s install vim-mode.

So my first impression after a few days:

1. It is kinda cool, but sometime the keybindings clashed with the default one. To close a pane I need to not only press ctrl-w, but also escape afterwards. Then it functions. Kinda annoying. Maybe because the vim-mode keybindings.

2. The vim keybindings is only “kinda” cool – i can use my vim keybindings, but not all. And sadly the VISUAL mode doesnt show the cursor in “block” mode – only in status bar, described by N for normal mode, and I for insert mode – and visual mode doesnt select vertically – or cannot insert vertically. ATOM cannot insert vertically at all! (According to some post in StackOverflow and my own 2 seconds test) 

3. The Remote-FTP is kinda cool. You save the .ftpconfig in the folder of each projects – very file-based system, very UNIX like? – I like it. That means I can always copy paste them. It kinda copy the whole server structure though.. maybe not so very good? Maybe i still need to tinker around more. It brings at least consistency between server and local though. 

Stil need more days to test it around, but I guess it is kinda cooler than Notepad++ or Vim on Windows – which I try to not use because I cant get to install Janus on Windows, which is the life of VIM imo.


– F