Using Bash for Windows / Windows Subsystem for Linux

4. December 2016

Using bash for windows is excellent!

It is basically just bash – how to install here : – and it feels amazing!

I can sudo apt-get everything I want – unlike Cygwin, where you can only install things that are ported to Cygwin. This statement could be wrong, but I did tried Cygwin for a bit because it supposedly has a better X Server – but I cant get it running with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). I’m using Xming right now. And using ConEmu as a better alternative to “Dos-like” bash. I do have Oh-My-Zsh installed as well – easy using Curl/apt-get in the bash. Really cool.

Still in the process of installing Solr – but Mongoid and MySQL runs and can be configured normally. Very fun!

More info later this week 🙂