Listing Achievements

8. January 2021

Ever since having a stable job, I havent update the website as much as I want to. Which hopefully understandable, but I wish I update it more, and also, listing achievements is an activity good for the self esteem.

It can also functions as a self reflection, workshopping projects, revisiting old code and even motivation to do more in the future.

For now, there is a plan on updating the cosmetics of the website. Since I am a fan of Vue.js now, the new website will probably be in Vuejs.

Admin – I think WordPress ease of use and Interface is still unbeatable. It is still PHP, which sounds really old-timey, but the user interface is excellent. I have been wondering myself if I should try to do my own backend and admin interface, which sounds really fun – but also, a lot of work, a lot of unforeseeable work.

Lets toast for a new start in 2021, after a very slow 2020 (and frankly, not very productive from me), a new beginning, a new power and motivation to do more!

Webpack power

31. January 2019

I love webpack, it is a powerful open-sourced tool for front-end developer like me. I notice that every plugin I use, every other tools I use, like framework, new programming language, etc, the principial endpoint and way-of-doing is the same.

And maybe what is more important is of course, the user experience at the end – coupled together with fast and easy development.

Well, without going into deep to that philosophical programming question, I love it because at the end of the day, I always want to use a single file Javascript and CSS most of the time. I want to use cutting-edge technology most of the time. I want to use cool imports exports, Typescript, Promises, and new plugins everyday. And dealing with polyfills, managing versions of it, is always a mess. Yarn/Npm helps of course, compiling and managing it from one point and auto-updating it helps making development fun and fast again.

Now you can concentrate on what is important: Logical, Analytical, Code Structuring, and of course spends the next hour searching the name for a variable you will change again in a month, now that the purpose of the variable changed or you just understant it better now.

Set up webpack.config.js, follow most tutorials, set a base.js or a centralized js file to import it in order, and it will understand SASS ordering, mixins, and it could also do dynamic loading of Styles depended on components or inclusion in the javascript file.

I love it.

Elementor CSS Must haves

16. October 2017

These are the css I use to get rid of unwanted elementor outer padding. I am using the elementor content width setting in WordPress and always annoyed if elements inside / the outmost element  doesnt get to the the edge of the wrapper. This code might be improved in the future, if it “eats” too much elements – that means if it removes padding where it should have padding – by adding more selector probably.

// This is the only one to use; If there is only one column, itwould be simultaneously first and last child aswell. Adding two column should be done when creating new section and selecting 2 column,, so it wont need nesting.
.elementor-top-section > .elementor-column-gap-default > .elementor-row > .elementor-column:first-child >.elementor-element-populated {padding-left: 0;}
.elementor-top-section > .elementor-column-gap-default > .elementor-row > .elementor-column:last-child >.elementor-element-populated{padding-right: 0;}

For now I purposely “ignore” the nested columns, so I can only use this two lines of css – and nesting provide a lot of confusing idea of when it should/should not have padding.