Elementor CSS Must haves

16. October 2017

These are the css I use to get rid of unwanted elementor outer padding. I am using the elementor content width setting in WordPress and always annoyed if elements inside / the outmost element  doesnt get to the the edge of the wrapper. This code might be improved in the future, if it “eats” too much elements – that means if it removes padding where it should have padding – by adding more selector probably.

// This is the only one to use; If there is only one column, itwould be simultaneously first and last child aswell. Adding two column should be done when creating new section and selecting 2 column,, so it wont need nesting.
.elementor-top-section > .elementor-column-gap-default > .elementor-row > .elementor-column:first-child >.elementor-element-populated {padding-left: 0;}
.elementor-top-section > .elementor-column-gap-default > .elementor-row > .elementor-column:last-child >.elementor-element-populated{padding-right: 0;}

For now I purposely “ignore” the nested columns, so I can only use this two lines of css – and nesting provide a lot of confusing idea of when it should/should not have padding.