Listing Achievements

8. January 2021

Ever since having a stable job, I havent update the website as much as I want to. Which hopefully understandable, but I wish I update it more, and also, listing achievements is an activity good for the self esteem.

It can also functions as a self reflection, workshopping projects, revisiting old code and even motivation to do more in the future.

For now, there is a plan on updating the cosmetics of the website. Since I am a fan of Vue.js now, the new website will probably be in Vuejs.

Admin – I think WordPress ease of use and Interface is still unbeatable. It is still PHP, which sounds really old-timey, but the user interface is excellent. I have been wondering myself if I should try to do my own backend and admin interface, which sounds really fun – but also, a lot of work, a lot of unforeseeable work.

Lets toast for a new start in 2021, after a very slow 2020 (and frankly, not very productive from me), a new beginning, a new power and motivation to do more!